Fees & Offers

Orthodontics Adults

Orthodontics Adults

Consultation (fee refundable or put towards treatment plan) £30

Diagnostic. Study Models and Panoramic X-Ray £95

Lateral Cephalometric £50


I7 treatment. Up to 7 sets of aligners. Both arches. (no retainers included) £

Lite treatment. 8-14 sets of aligners. Dual arch. (including retainers) £

Full treatment 15-30 sets of aligners £

Replacement aligners £ per arch

Custom Made Mouthguards

from £139

Sport guards (choose from varies colours and sizes) £139

Grinding guard (splint) £499

Articulated/Repositioning Guard (splint) £699

Fixed braces

Metal braces one arch  from 

Metal braces dual arch from 

Tooth coloured one arch from 

Tooth coloured dual arch from 

Combination (tooth coloured upper and metal lower)

Incognito (dual arch)

Incognito (single arch)

Incognito Lite (dual arch 6 teeth)

Incognito Combination (upper incognito and lower metallic)

Incognito Combination (upper incognito and lower ceramic)

Essix retainers dual arch one set

Essix retainer single arch

Metal Brackets

Teeth Whitening


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