Ceramic Braces

Modern fixed braces are smaller and less noticeable than the devices most adults remember, especially when ceramic is used rather than traditional stainless steel for an even more discreet look.

Ceramic braces use clear square brackets cemented to the teeth, making them even less obvious than the metal type. Some brackets have little elastic bands that hold the wire and with ceramic braces these are white or clear, and we’ll change them each time the braces are adjusted so they don’t become stained.

Ceramic braces are a type of fixed braces and they work by applying continuous pressure over 18 to 24 months to slowly move your teeth in a specific direction and, as the teeth move, your jawbone accommodates the new position of the roots. We will closely monitor you over the course of your treatment and after it has finished to ensure your teeth are being moved correctly and remain in a stable position.

Patient Testimonial

What’s so good about ceramic braces?

  • It’s hard for other people to tell you’re wearing a fixed brace.
  • They deliver the same reliable results as traditional fixed braces.
  • They can be used in complex cases.
  • The elastic bands are clear or white and we change them regularly so they don’t get stained.

What to expect

You’ll feel some sensitivity and tightness each time your brace is tightened (every 4 weeks) which will last for a day or so. You’ll be able to eat normally while wearing a fixed appliance but try to avoid things like toffee, hard sweets and fizzy drinks because they’ll damage the appliance and your teeth. If you play a contact sport it’s worth wearing a gum shield to protect your mouth and the appliance.

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