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Or ethos is about making your life easier. That’s why we’re open seven days a week and why we answer the phone at lunchtime (you’d be surprised by how many dental practices still just work the hours that suit them and forget about their patients’ lives…).

A visit to Smile Up is all about relaxing in our gorgeous green chairs in the waiting room, seeing a team that’s genuinely happy to catch up with you because we have time to chat (we don’t crowbar a million appointments in every day), and having all your concerns taken seriously.

We take a lot of pride in working with extremely nervous patients to build up their confidence and trust so that they can get the smile they deserve (just like everyone deserves), and if you’re a nervous patient we’re sure you’ll breathe a sigh of relief once you come in for your first appointment.

If you’d like to make an appointment you can do it here or give us a ring on 0203 411 1550.

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