Dental crowns

A crown is the part of your teeth you can see in your mouth, and when it’s broken or damaged an artificial crown can completely cover it above the gum line and protect it.

Crowns are crafted out of metal or dental porcelain and should be indistinguishable from your natural teeth both in appearance and feel. They are actually beautiful works of art and we take a lot of pride in the craftsmanship and skill involved.

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What’s so good about dental crowns?

  • Well made crowns are strong and look and feel like natural teeth.
  • The colour and shape can be matched to your own teeth.
  • They can last for many years if looked after.
  • They are actually beautifully crafted works of art.

What to expect

We’ll need to establish how damaged your tooth is and whether it can be built up with a filling first. It’s possible that your tooth might also need to be root-filled — this is sometimes called ‘removing the nerve’, and we’ll then reshape the original crown of your tooth so that when the artificial crown is added the whole structure will be the perfect size.

We use a soft malleable material to make moulds of the tooth that’s going to be crowned and of nearby teeth, and our dental technicians use these moulds to craft a beautiful, natural looking crown of exactly the right size, shape and colour to match your existing teeth.

In the meantime, while the crown is being made, we’ll give you a temporary crown which you can chew with, but it won’t be as strong as the finished one. When the final crown is fitted we’ll make small adjustments to make sure you can bite comfortably.

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