CBCT Scan/OPG referrals

We take a lot of referrals for gum disease treatment (periodontics), teeth straightening (orthodontics) and dental implants and several dentists in South East London refer their patients to us for scans using our state of the art CT scanner, which is instrumental in planning high quality root canal therapy and other advanced dental procedures.

We also accept referrals of extremely nervous patients who require sedation in order to access dental treatment, and we’re always happy to take patients for any kind of routine dental treatment and return them to their regular dentist afterwards.

CBCT Scan / OPG Referrals

    Practitioner Details & Delivery Address

    Patient Details


    Area of interest CBCT only
    MandibleMaxillaBoth JawsSectional/quadrant


    (if no teeth are selected the whole jaw will be scanned)

    Is the patient coming with a radiographic template? YesNo

    Is the patient possibly pregnant? YesNo

    CBCT Output
    CD-ROMFTP & EmailPhoto paper

    2D Imaging
    Digital Panoramic (OPG)Digital CephalometricCeph Tracing Report

    2D Output
    FTP & EmailPACS Cloud ViewerPhoto paper


    Justification for X-Ray
    ImplantsBone GraftImpacted TeethEndodonticsSinus ExamTMJOral PathologyOrthoExtra copyPathology ReportRadiology ReportSimPlant Express
    Clinical Indications

    Advanced Dentistry

    Facial Aesthetics

    Dental Implants

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