You’re pretty lucky you know. No other generation has ever had such quick and painless treatments within easy and affordable reach, allowing them to transform the way they look, whether it’s for a special occasion like a wedding (we get loads of brides and grooms-to-be coming in for cosmetic treatments), or for ongoing treatment to look fresher and feel great all the time.

Treatments like facial aesthetics are non permanent and so they feel way less intimidating than surgery, yet they can have wonderful results, adding volume and reducing wrinkles for a subtle rejuvenating effect that your friends and family will notice without quite being able to explain why (that’s the really fun bit…).

If any chips, cracks or stains are visible on your teeth when you smile we can restore them to their former glory with composite bonding that’s shaded to match your teeth — no one will know why your smile looks fresher because this looks so natural.

Combine that new sense of youthfulness with teeth whitening and regular cleaning with our Airflow system and you’re pretty much looking at a new you without any life-changing surgery or expense to worry about. Probably worth a try, we think you’ll agree, and if you don’t like the results, they’re not permanent. What’s to lose?

If you’d like to make an appointment you can do it here or give us a ring on 0203 411 1550.

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