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Did you know that going to the dentist can actually be a really nice experience?

Seriously. Just take a look at what some of our patients have to say about Smile Up here — what you get here isn’t just excellent dentistry, there’s a laidback vibe that does wonders for those nerves everyone gets. You can’t plan an atmosphere like the one at Smile Up, it just happens when the right people get together. It’s special. Everyone working here is friends, and we’re all natural communicators who love to meet new people. In fact, we probably hold some sort of record for the most languages spoken in a dental practice anywhere (English is our first language but if you’re Spanish, French, Portuguese or Italian, feel free to talk in your native tongue — you’ll feel better when you understand absolutely everything we’re explaining to you).

We’re here, seven days a week and until 8pm during the week.

People tell us we’re an oasis of calm in their busy lives; maybe it’s the designer chairs and fresh coffee and flowers in the waiting room, but whenever you need us we’ll be here, seven days a week and until 8pm during the week.

We love London. Our team members have come from all over the world to be here because it’s a fantastic place to be a dentist. We get to meet an amazing mix of people in our job that could only be possible in this incredible city, and we’re really excited to know about your journey. You’re the reason we do this. You keep us motivated to keep giving excellent dental care with love.

So please drop in and say hello if you live in South London, or give us a ring to ask a question about something that’s been bothering you if you live further afield. Many of our patients travel a long way because they feel so comfortable and relaxed with us, sometimes after a lifetime of dental-phobia.

You’ll find a warm welcome here from people who want to really get to know you, and a full range of dental treatments including excellent orthodontic options which are provided by our principal dentist Ricky. (If you look carefully at everyone’s mouths when they talk to you you’ll see that most of the team are actually wearing braces by him.) We’ve got all sorts of state of the art equipment on site too.

There’s loads more to say about what we do but we hope that conveys something of the experience of being a patient here. Please look through our treatment pages for more information and if you’d like to make an appointment you can do it here or give us a ring on 0203 411 1550.

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